Brief presentation of the overall structure of the work plan

BELENUS project’s Work Plan consists of 9 Work Packages (WP) (Figure 24).


In WP1the consortium will define thespecifics of the project including coating composition selection, testing conditions, parameters and success criteria. The aim of WP2 is to develop and optimise the new material-coating solutions decided in WP1 and then further improve them on the basis of the results of the laboratory and pilot scale testing. WP3 and 4 are dedicated to testing in the lab and at pilot scale respectively. In fact, the initial measurements taken in the pilot scale experiments. In WP4 pilot plants that burn biomass will be employed to better select the gas and ashes composition to be used in the laboratory testing in WP3.

A screening round of short laboratory corrosion testing will be undertaken in WP3 to allow the selection of the best candidate compositions which will be optimized and:

  • a) tested for longer duration in the laboratory (WP3),
  • b) subjected to various mechanical tests (WP3),
  • c) pilot scale tested (WP4) and
  • d) subjected to bending and welding procedures (WP5).

WP5 is indeed dedicated to study coated tube welding and bending strategies. A detailed assessment of the coatings-materials system will be undertaken in terms of microstructural and mechanical stability and resistance to fire and steam-side corrosion, as well as erosive wear. Moreover, in WP3 corrosion monitoring methods will be explored and tested. Service lifetime prediction models will arise from WP6, which will in addition, perform economic and life cycle analyses of the best performing coating systems and will allow identifying opportunities for cost and environmental improvements in a holistic manner.

The coating systems exhibiting the best behaviour will be applied in specially designed probes and tubes to be exposed in operating plants in WP7 along with the corrosion monitoring probes to validate the behaviour of the proposed solutions under real conditions. As cross-cutting WPs, WP8 will ensure dissemination and communication activities as well as address the exploitation of the results to ensure market uptake, considering IP issues and social impact issues. WP9will deal with Project Management and interactions with the EC.